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Fight Global Warming

Water Saving Specialist

Ecotech Water continues its focus on the Environment by purchasing carbon offsets and making additional reductions. Ecotech Water now operates 100% Carbon Neutral!


Terry Janssen, CEO of Ecotech Water has confirmed that arrangements with ECOTECH WATER ASIA PACIFIC PRIVATE LTD have been completed with Philip Tan, CEO for Ecotech Water Asia Pacific. Mr. Tan stated at a recent Press Conference that water shortages are occurring throughout Asia. Tan further stated that his company has been seeking arrangements with a manufacturer that offers a complete water conservation product line that was an all inclusive water conservation package. When we found Ecotech we found exactly what we had been looking for Tan said. READ MORE

'Serve to Preserve' a message from Florida's Governor.

Ecotech Water LLC manufactures a unique one-of-a-kind line of Water Conservation Products. In many cases they are the only ones like them available anywhere in the world. Through the concept of using a combination of Air and Water instead of just more water. Ecotech's technology has demonstrated that plumbing fixture performance can be substantially enhanced. Ecotech products can save as much as 60% to 70% in water consumption in your facility plus related sewer and water utility cost. Savings on water heating as well as maintenance cost can also be substantially enhanced.

Leaders In LEED Water Conservation

Ecotech’s mission is to not only remain on the leading edge of technology to achieve the lowest consumption and highest performance with its products but also to achieve unsurpassed levels of environmental accomplishments. Water Conservation, reduced emissions and reduction in solid waste have been at the forefront of Ecotech’s Research and Development.

Keepers Of The World’s Liquid Assets

Why is water conservation important?

In the United States, it is estimated that we extract over 340 billion gallons of fresh water per day from our potable water resources. This amounts to over 3,500 billion gallons per year more than we return back into our typical domestic water supplies. This deficit strains our water supplies, in some cases dropping underground aquifer levels by 100 feet or more. About 65% of the water we extract is discharged into the sanitary sewer system after use. Approximately 25% of the U.S. daily water use is used for flushing urinals and toilets.

Many U.S. locations have exceeded the limit of how much can be pumped out of their aquifers and now are having to transport water in from long distances to serve the needs of entire communities. Many others are very near the peak limit. As our population grows, water demand is further increasing.

According to the World Health Organization, less than 1% of the world's freshwater, or 0.007% of all the water on Earth, is readily available for human consumption.

There are many ways in which both water use and costs can be reduced.

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